KBD: Kew Bibliographic Databases: Why register?

Why register?

You don't have to register to use the Kew Bibliographic Database, but there are advantages if you do. It's totally free to join — all we ask is an email address (so we can send you downloaded data) and a few basic details about yourself to help us improve our service.

If you do register you can:

  • See more references

    Unregistered users are limited to 50 references at a time in their search results. Registering gives you access to up to 500 references per search.

  • Use our advanced search

    Our advanced search screen allows you to refine your search more easily (for instance to search on author names, records added since a certain date, or by keywords).

  • Save searches and see what's been added since you last searched

    If you do the same search regularly you can save it and run it again next time you visit. References are being added constantly to the KBD, so if you're trying to keep current on a particular subject, you can also come back and find out what references of interest to you have been added since you last searched.

  • Select individual references to download or print

    If you want to print out just a selection of references from a search, or combine the results of several searches into one list, you can add selected references to your basket and then print them out as a list. Or you can choose to have the references emailed to you as a text file or to load into a spreadsheet or into EndNote.

If you think any of these would be helpful, why not register now.