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March 2006

Version 2 of KBD launched.
The new version of KBD brings a number of significant improvements:

  • Updated data: References from 2005-6 have been added and the KBD editors system is now live, so that references appear on the web as soon as they are entered into our bibliographic systems.
  • Revamped searching: searches with two or more search terms now narrow the search, instead of widening it — find out more
  • Dataset selection is now done per search, so can now be done by all users, whether registered or not
  • Data can now be downloaded by email from your searches into Endnote (versions 7 and above), csv (for Excel) or xml format. NB in order to use this feature you must be a registered user ... register now — it's free.
  • Improved keyword support, particularly for PMBD references
  • A revamped, easier to use interface with better help and guidance

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